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Roberto, promenade chien Zürich 8048

Dear animal Lovers, do you need a person that keeps fit physically and mentally your beloved creatures? You know that boredom and lack of movement can quickly lead to unwanted behaviors and pathologies, such as dog joint problems or being overweight. Don’t worry, I can help you! I am fond of all the animals, not only dogs and cats! They say that I am punctual and very reliable and I like very much to walk. Write or call me without problems and explain your needs! ...
Jose Alberto, promeneur chien Zürich

Hi everyone, Im Jose, and I'm living in Enge. I have experience with differents animals because I love them and I share all my live with pets since I was a baby until now. If you want contact with me you can call me also you can write me here. I hope to meet you and meet your pet. Thank you :)
Ilaria, promeneur chien - 8064 Zürich

Hi, i am Ilaria, a 25 years old girl from north Italy, i speak italian, english and i'm learning german. I am in Zurich since three monts and i'm looking for a little job. I propose myself to take care of animals because i love them; at home in Italy i have two cats, one male and one female, i took them from cattery, they were already a "couple" since they were there, so i brought bot at home. I had other two cats when i was a child and later i had an hamster and red fishes. Now in Zu...
Enrico, promeneur chien Zürich 8051

Ich habe mich lange um mein Hündchen gekümmert. Der liebe Tommy ist aber seit einigen Jahren gestorben, und ich würde sehr gerne wieder mit Haustiere arbeiten!
Viviane, promenade chien Zürich

I would like to work here for to know more about the customs and culture. I married with the Swiss man recently and my big intention is to learn things about Switzerland:)
Karen, pension chien Zürich

Hello!!:) I love animals so much that I don't eat or use them in anyways. I just want to give them back the joy they bring me. I have a lot of free time as I am modelling, that is why I would love to do my walk and spend my time with lovely animal friends. I live near bellevue so I go to the park by the lake very often or in the forest mountain near by. My appartment have a big livingroom and kitchen area. My two flatmates adore animals too. In fact, sometimes we babysit a cat for weeks an...
Kimberly, promeneur chien Zürich

Hello, my name is Kimberly and I am 23 years old. In my family we have always had pets and that is why I have a lot of experience with them. My favorite animal is the cat, I am in love with them. I have had and cared for dogs, cats, hamsters and some little birds. I like to take them out for a walk, play with them and pamper them a lot. I came from Ecuador, where I had a dog and 3 cats, so now I would like to be able to take care of pets to feel closer to them.
Pia Vera, garde chien Zürich 8098

Hello Furparents, I am a big animal lover and i grew up with animals since i was young (farm animals, cats, dogs, rodents, birds). I like taking care of cats and dogs and handling their needs. I am also active in animal welfare groups in the Philippines and currently active with WWF here in Zurich. I will be living in Auzelg on August and will be able to take in small pets. It is an apartment with 2 floors with a balcon and terrace and a small garden outside. For more questions ...
Jasmin, promenade chien Zürich

Ich arbeite Teilzeit als Nanny und die restliche Zeit betreue ich Tiere. Ich biete seit einigen Jahren Hundespaziergänge und das Füttern von Tieren während Ferienabwesenheit an. Teilweise auch Halbtagesbetreuung möglich. Ich habe aktuell einen DSH und eine Katze. Seit 2000 halte ich Hunde (Leonberger Mix, Deutscher Schäferhund, Amstaff), sowie Katzen und Meerschweinchen. Meine Gassi- Hunde sind unter anderem: French Bulldogs, Pudel, Labrador, Husky, Deutscher Schäferhund Mix, T...
Carla, pension chien Zürich

Haaaaallo :) Ich bin Carla, ein in Deutschland geborenes, aber in Spanien aufgewachsenes junge Frau, das gerade in der Schweiz angekommen ist, um ihr Glück und einen anderen Karriereweg zu versuchen. Ich bin in einem Landhotel aufgewachsen, wo ich für viele Dinge verantwortlich war, unter anderem für die Tierpflege, von Hunden, Pferden, Schweinen, Hühnern oder Katzen. Dank dieser Erfahrung wurde ich zu einem organisierten und fleißigen Menschen. Liebe Grüße :)
Francesca, famille accueil chien Zürich

Je m'appelle Francesca, je suis une italienne et j'habite à Strasbourg depuis plus d'un an. J'ai toujours eu des animaux chez moi et encore aujourd'hui j'ai 3 chiens et 2 chattes chez moi en Italie. Enfin, c'est simple: J'aime les animaux et j'aime m'occuper d'eux.
Estefania, promenade chien Zürich 8001

I love dogs! In Mexico I have had the oppotunity to have a beutiful dog she's name is Brandy, she is coker Spaniel, medium type and we always have fun in the park, climbing mountains and so on. Please give me the opportunity to have a great time with your pet and not let it home alone.
Lola, famille accueil chien - 8006 Zürich

Hello my name is Lola and I'm French, i come near to Paris. I am in Zurich for the university, for 2 years. I'm a student at ZHDK, i want a be a Professional dancer and I need some money for pay my life in sweitherland. I had a dog during all my childhood. I have now a cat, 4 birds, and a turtle. I propose to take care of your animals at home, as if you need it. I have a big apartment and nice. I can also walk outside with if it is necessary. There is a big park near to my home. I can d...
Annie, promenade chien - 8037 Zürich

eigene Katzen Erfahrung mit Hunden, Pferden, Meerschweinchen und Mäusen
Marian Aleska, promenade chien Zürich 8010

Hallo zusammen! Mein Name ist Marian, ich bin 23 Jahre alt und bin kürzlich nach Zürich gezogen. Ich spreche Spanisch und ein wenig Englisch, ich verstehe Italienisch und Portugiesisch. Ich bin Spanier und hatte schon immer Tiere (2 kleine Yorkshire Terrier), ich liebe große Hunde und Katzen. Ich kann zu dir nach Hause gehen, um Wachen zu machen, mit ihnen zu gehen, sie zu füttern und mich mit viel Liebe um sie zu kümmern. Wenn Sie an meinem Vorschlag interessiert sind, zögern Sie ni...
Romeo, garde chien Zürich 8004

mi chiamo romeo sono stato cresciuto e allevato insieme ai cani ne o sempre avuto più di uno adesso vivo a Zurigo o uno studio ma senza balcone la mia cagnolina lo dovuta portare in Italia, momentaneamente , fino a quando trovero un appartamento migliore , non lavoro ultimamente e posso lavorare con li animali più tempo, sono a vostra disposizione, saluti romeo
Antonietta, pension chien - 8006 Zürich

hallo everyone i am antonietta, a 27 years old girl, i am offering a pet service, i am an animals lover, i was grow up with many animals around, specially dogs.i have a dog in italy and i miss him so much and i remember that my holiday were always a problem because i never find a good place for leave him, so i want offer a pet accomodation in my place, while you are in holiday , sure that your animal is in good and. for leave your animal in my place the cost is 100 CHF per day and i will ta...
Ann, pension chien Zürich

I can take care of your pets like a live-in or live-out Petsitter, when you are in holiday or every day/night. Thank you!
Cintia Yanina, garde chien - 8098 Zürich

Hi, I'm Yanina from Argentina, traveling through Europe before leaving for India for 6 months. I am a person, orderly, practical and independent. I am Buddhist, pacific and vegetarian. The proficiency and temperance characterize me. I work for 15 years, helping people and in various commercial sectors of different companies, now I am looking for something simpler. I love music and nature, childrens and animals.
Andrea, pension chien Zürich 8038

Buenos días familias mi nombre es Andrea y toda la vida he tenido animales, me encantan. Puedo cuidarlos cuando necesiten. Soy muy cariñosa y divertida. Un saludo. Gracias (Zúrich)
David, promeneur chien Zürich

Me enctantan los animales. Tengo mucha experiencia de cuidar los animales. Pero ahora mismo estoy viviendo en Zurich y no tengo la oportunidad de tener mis propias mascotas. Me encantaria dar cariño y amor a otros animales por que ellos siempre nos necesitan. Si necesita algun tipo de alluda no dude en contactar con migo. Soy una pesona avierta y amistosa.
Margarita, promenade chien Zürich

I am a spanish 32 years old woman working in Switzerland as an Aupair until June 2015. I am looking for a new job in Zurich. I am biologist and Shiatsu therapist. I like cooking and play with kids. I am creative, responsable and positive person. I am working as Aupair and I am taking care the dog of the family too. Soy una mujer española de 32 años trabajando en Suiza como Aupair hasta junio de 2015. Estoy buscando un nuevo trabajo en Zurich. Soy bióloga y terapeuta de shiatsu. Me gusta co...
Maribel, pension chien - 8051 Zürich

Buongiorno Mi chiamo Maribel. Sono una donna responsabile, seria, puntuale. Offro il mio servizio per la cura, toelettatura, passeggiata per animali domestici. Puoi contattarmi tramite messaggio privato. Saluti Maribel
Elena, promenade chien Lugano

I am living in Zurich, I already work but I would love to spend some of my free time taking care of pets ! I have a lot of experience, as a proud owner of 2 dogs and 2 cats already:)
Monique, promeneur chien Zürich

I have my self a Bengale cat and had a Dog love Animals l am also a activist to help Animals all over the world. I am Swiss Française 57 Tango dancer love Art, design music nature. If not in Zürich I am in Buenos Aires 6 months per year to dance Tango. Would love to take care of your Animales at your place. I am free from midday if you need any help also during the all night. Give medications ect... Love to go walk if Dog around the lake with them.
Bérénice, garde chien Zürich

Hey there! My name is Bérénice, I am french and I came to Zurich to study. I speak english and I'm 19 years old. I love animals , I have two dogs that I take care since my youngest ages, there are dachshunds. Unfortunately they are staying in France, so I do not live with them now. I take care of animals very well, in general they like me. I am ready to move but your animal can also come to my appartment. It’s quite big, and very close to a parc. I have a lot of experience with animals and I...
Giulia, garde chat Zürich

Salve a tutti! Mi chiamo Giulia ho 24 anni ed ho un autentica passione per gli animali e per me sono assolutamente parte della famiglia. Al momento a casa ho Lenny, un cucciolo di 5 mesi di Labrador salvato dal canile. Nella mia vita ho avuto tre gatti bellissimi (Luna, Ginger e Tommy), e no sharpai di nome Taiko che è vissuto felicemente fino ai 14 anni, svariati canarini e pappagalli, pesci e un criceto. Il contatto e il gioco con i nostri amici a quattro zampe è vitale per la loro felicità...
Christina, promeneur chien Zürich 8008

Hallo ich heisse Christina und bin 15 Jahre alt. Ich habe bereits Erfahrung mit Haustieren da ich selber welche hatte ( 3 Rennmäuse, 2 Katzen) und habe ( 2 Rennmäuse, 4 Katzen). Ich würde mich für diesrn Job gerne bewerben, wenn dieser ab 17.00 von Mo- Fr und/oder am Wochenende oder Ferien zu erledigen ist. Ich würde mich über eine Antwort freuen.
Natascha, pension chien Zürich

Ich heiße Natascha und bin auf dem Land aufgewachsen. Ich freue mich auf Ihre Nachricht. Viele Grüße Natascha