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Aurora, promenade chien Zürich 8000

Hello, i always have a lot of dogs. Non i’ve got a staffordshire, i had a boxer and a french bulldog
Debora, promenade chien Zürich 8000

Salve, mi chiamo Debora e ho 24 anni. Sono di madre lingua italiana e sono nata e cresciuta in Ticino. Sono laureata in Comunicazione Visiva e attualmente sto facendo uno stage lavorativo a Zurigo. Ho una grande passione per la fotografia, per le arti grafiche e manuali, ma soprattutto per lo sport. Ho sempre voluto avere un animale domestico ma non ho mai avuto l'occasione di comprarne uno. Principalmente mi piacciono molto i cavalli e da piccola ho avuto la possibilità di andarci per div...

Buongiorno mi chiamo Marcello mi piacciono molto i cani sono appassionato mi piace giocare cn loro
Gladys Alicia, promenade chien - 8000 Zürich

Ciao! Mi chiamo Gladis e amo i cani da sempre! Por passare del tempo con qualche altro pelosetto è sempre un piacere! 😁
Amanda, promenade chien Zürich

Hi my name is Amanda I’m 20 years old German student in zurich oerlikon , I love animals when I was living in the Dominican Republic I was rescued animals and then I would look for them home . I would like to find a job and more something to do at free time because I have free the afternoon’s . Thank you so much
Lola, garde chien Zürich 8000

Dear all, My name is Lola and I am a big animal lover and fairly at ease with pets, as a very kind, patient person and I reflect a love for animals, especially dogs and cats as I had experience with my own pets. I strongly believe that animals have a soul and can feel our inner energy and connect with us on an emotional and supporting level. I'm open to hearing from you about your needs for your most loving ones and here to offer help. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards...
Maiwen, promenade chien - 8000 Zürich

Me llamo Maïwen y soy amante de los animales, siempre he vivido rodeada de ellos en el campo en Madrid y me mudé por trabajo a Barcelona; por lo que ellos se quedaron allí con mi familia. Aquí, no tengo animales y me gustaría encontrar una familia que necesite de estos servicios y que nos vaya bien a ambas partes. Soy una persona cariñosa y acostumbrada a perros de todo tipo/tamaños, he tenido desde un Bulldog francés hasta un Pastor alemán! Un abrazo y hasta pronto!
Beatriz, garde chien Zürich

Hallo! I am Beatriz, I have 25 years old and I am an animal lover from Madrid, Spain. I am currently doing an internship in an architecture office but I thought about gaining some extra money doing something I love: expending time with animals. I have a lovely and sweet cat in my house in Spain and I really miss him. I have been taking care of him all his life (7 years), so I have a lot of experience with that. Also, I take care of my family dog from time to time and I love it. I am lo...
Yuliana, famille accueil chien - 8000 Zürich

Hello, im Yuli and I would like to take care of your pet, I have a dog and I have experience taking care of animals, I have taken care of dogs, cats, fish and hamsters, any question write without hesitation
Renee, promenade chien Zürich 8000

Sono una ragazza di 19 anni, amo gli animali soprattutto i cani ne ho uno anche io che ho adottato 6 anni fa, subito mi affeziono, sono interessata ad accudire il vostro cane e a volerlo bene come voi.

I love pets. They are part of families and I have grown and lived In a home with pets throughout my life. I enjoy taking them for a walk and feed them properly.
Emanuela, promenade chien Zürich

Ich habe ein Hund in Italien, Ich liebe die Houstiere und ich bin flexibel um Ihre Houstier zu spazieren.
Anna, promenade chien - 8000 Zürich

Hallo, Ich liebe eure Tiere schon, passiert mir immer wenn ich einen neuen Hund oder Katze treffe. Zu Hase habe ich beides, ich werde mich um eure Tiere liebevoll kümmern wenn ihr mal nicht könnt. Studentin aus Italien.
Agnieszka, promenade chien - 8000 Zürich

Hallo:) Ich liebe Tiere:) Mein Name ist Agnieszka. Ich habe Hunde in Polen. Liebe Grüsse Agnieszka
Irisz, promeneur chien - 8000 Zürich

Ich habe ein hunde in Ungarn und ich möchten laufen mit er. Ich war ein housesitter für ein ganze Woche in England
Elena, promeneur chien Zürich

Hello, my name is Elena and I come from Hong Kong :) I can speak, fluent English, native Chinese, and basic German. My uncle has 3 dogs, cats and fishes and I have been helping him to take care of those animals since I was in high school. I am a caring, punctual, detail-minded, and responsible person. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know information:) Thank you!
Lucy, pension chien Zürich 8000

Hi my name is Lucy And I loveee animals!! I myself own two cats and have had multiple bunny’s and mice. I love taking care of animals and spending time with them. I speak English and German and am 16 years old. The most important thing for me is for everyone to be comfy and happy with me!
Belen, promenade chien Zürich

Ciao mi piacerebbe lavorare in questo campo già che mi piacciono tantissimo gli animali Ho avuto tanti animali nel passato ma adesso non ho più per il spazio nella mia casa Specialmente ho avuto molti cani

Buenas tardes mucho gusto. En el momento estoy en Suiza pero en cualquier momento puedo pasar viajar necesito el empleo. Gracias

Hola me llamo sahar. Me gusta cuidar animales

Hello, I'm Miryam, I'm 19 years old. I love animals, especially dogs and I'm looking forward to work with them. I have always had different pets at home.