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Gratuit !

Se contacter et se rencontrer gratuitement ? Ici c’est possible :-)


Tous les jours, des milliers de nouvelles annonces.

En confiance

Profils complets, vérifications, avis : recrutez sereinement.

Hello, my name is Rebeca and I am a pet lover. I am looking for a job in Zurich, I can take care of your pets, take them for a walk or take care of them at your house when you are on vacation.

Hello, I’m Elchje, a 29 year old social worker from Belgium who just moved to Zurich. I’m very interested in finding a job as a petsitter. The last 5 years I’ve been working as a social worker with kids and teenagers with autism and behavioural problems. Next to my job I often went to the shelter to take the dogs for a walk. I’m a spontaneous, reliable and flexible person with strong interpersonal skills. I would love to find a job in a warm environment. I am full-time available, incl...

I have took care of various animals, I am highly reliable and Icommunicate effectively with pet owners to ensure their pets' well-being and happiness.

Haaaaallo :) Ich bin Carla, ein in Deutschland geborenes, aber in Spanien aufgewachsenes junge Frau, das gerade in der Schweiz angekommen ist, um ihr Glück und einen anderen Karriereweg zu versuchen. Ich bin in einem Landhotel aufgewachsen, wo ich für viele Dinge verantwortlich war, unter anderem für die Tierpflege, von Hunden, Pferden, Schweinen, Hühnern oder Katzen. Dank dieser Erfahrung wurde ich zu einem organisierten und fleißigen Menschen. Liebe Grüße :)

Ich bin eine erfahrene hundesitterin und wohne mit meinem kleinen Hund in Seengen. Ich suche auf diesem Weg einen Hund zum Spazierengehen und Betreuung 1-3x in der Woche jeweils vormittags. Ich würde mich über eine Nachricht sehr freuen freundliche Grüsse

Salve sono Antonia....amo gli animali tutti in generale ma mi sono occupata sempre di cani e li possiedo uno adesso è di grossa taglia ma per ora non vive con me perché è nella mia abitazione in Puglia accudito da mio vivo qua in Svizzera da 8mesi e sto cercando un lavoro spero di potermi prendere cura dei vostri pelosetti....loro con me potranno fare lunghe passeggiate...correre e divertirsi... Antonia

Hello, my name is Lorena, I am 28 years old and I am from Spain. I have studied a degree of early childhood education. My experience taking care of children has been in day care centers, particular houses and in my own house, due to I have four little brothers. I also love animals, so that if there were animals to take care of, I would do it, too. I consider myself a responsible, patient and loving person, as well as with very clear ideas. I hope I could meet your family and offer my best t...

Hallo, ich biete meine Dienste an, denn ich liebe Tiere, habe seit meiner Kindheit immer Hunde und Katzen, kümmere mich um das Nötigste, beides mehrmals täglich, Ferien, Freizeit.

Salve ho 35 anni e molto tempo libero ho sempre vissuto ed avuto un bellissimo rapporto con gli animali domestici.... tutt ora vivo con un bellisimo cagnolino....

Hello! I´m Carolina and I come from Argentina, i have 29 years old and I love animals. I always had dogs in Argentina, and here it´s very difficult to me have my own pet because a live in a departament. I can walk with your pet if you want and take care in your house. I have a baby girl, (Monday to Friday I work with the baby, Saturday in the morning and Sunday in full without her). I have flexible hours. I speak perfect Spanish, basic English and i´m lerning German. Thank you very much!...

Bonjour à tous! Je m'appelle Hélène, j'ai 27 ans et je vis depuis peu à Zurich. Ayant toujours vécu avec des animaux (beagle et chats) et ayant fait de l'équitation durant plusieurs années, je vous propose mon aide afin de m'occuper de vos animaux. J'ai été bénévole à la Société Royale Protectrice des Animaux de Liège (Belgique) pendant deux ans. Je peux me déplacer à votre domicile afin de faire des gardes, les promener et je peux également les accueillir chez moi sans problème! J'ai ...

I love dogs! In Mexico I have had the oppotunity to have a beutiful dog she's name is Brandy, she is coker Spaniel, medium type and we always have fun in the park, climbing mountains and so on. Please give me the opportunity to have a great time with your pet and not let it home alone.

Hello! My name is Amy. Im 25 years old and I'm from England. And i am currently working in Zurich - Switzerland as a live in au pair, taking care of almost 2 year old girl for a young professional couple. Im looking for any kind of work; mainly nannying but if and when i have some spare time i would like to fill that with other jobs such as looking after animals and/or babysitting. I have had pet animals all my life; my parents house was always full of dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, g...

Buenos días familias mi nombre es Andrea y toda la vida he tenido animales, me encantan. Puedo cuidarlos cuando necesiten. Soy muy cariñosa y divertida. Un saludo. Gracias (Zúrich)

Are you looking for a loving and caring pet-sitter who will look after your best friend when you are away? Then you have just found one ;) I will be happy to pay a visit to your pet while you're away or have a little walk outside, so that your buddy could enjoy the sunshine when you have to work. And no feeling of guilt if you have to stay longer in the office! Feel free to contact me. I love animals (and kids ;) have experience in taking care of cats, dogs, and parrots. I also speak Engl...

I was born around the pets. When I was a child I lived in the countryside, among the farm and growing up I took care of various animales. I have always cared for dogs and cats, them like children. I LOVE PETS I can take walks or take care of them at home.

Ich liebe Tiere, ich kümmere mich um die Bedürfnisse eines Hundes, wenn die Besitzer dazu nicht in der Lage sind, zum Beispiel weil sie im Urlaub sind oder bei der Arbeit beschäftigt sind. Ich gehe mit den Hunden spazieren, versorge sie mit Futter und Wasser, Spielen und Gesellschaft und kümmere mich allgemein um alle ihre Bedürfnisse: physiologische, emotionale, soziale Bedürfnisse.

My name is Chiara and I am a professional dog sitter. I am passionate about dogs and have dedicated many years to their well-being. I have volunteered at local animal shelters and collaborated with an Italian association that focuses on temporary foster care for dogs before they find their forever homes. This association ensures that dogs don't stay in foster families for too long and have comfortable stays in nurturing environments. With my experience in caring for dogs and my background ...

Hallo Ihr Lieben Ich liebe Tiere, und da ich zurzeit keine selber haben kann. Würde ich gerne auf euere Hausetiere schauen, spielen, sie pflegen, spazieren und liebe geben. Was auch immer ihr liebster braucht. Wir hatten selber lange 1 Hund und 2 Katzen die mit den Jahren leider verstorben sind. Daher habe ich viel erfahrungen sammeln können. Wenn ihr Interesse habt meldet euch ❤

Ich bin Sofia Laila , 22 Jahre alt und eine aufmerksame, einfühlsame und zuverlässige Dienstleisterin, die sich darauf spezialisiert hat, Familien und Individuen in ihrem täglichen Leben zu unterstützen. Meine Philosophie ist es, eine vertrauenswürdige und liebevolle Unterstützung zu bieten, um den Alltag reibungsloser zu gestalten. Ich besitze einen wundervollen Chow Chow, der bereits vier Jahre alt ist. Er ist nicht nur liebenswert, sondern auch ruhig und genießt Spaziergänge. Er ist ei...

Dear animal Lovers, do you need a person that keeps fit physically and mentally your beloved creatures? You know that boredom and lack of movement can quickly lead to unwanted behaviors and pathologies, such as dog joint problems or being overweight. Don’t worry, I can help you! I am fond of all the animals, not only dogs and cats! They say that I am punctual and very reliable and I like very much to walk. Write or call me without problems and explain your needs! ...

Hello!!:) I love animals so much that I don't eat or use them in anyways. I just want to give them back the joy they bring me. I have a lot of free time as I am modelling, that is why I would love to do my walk and spend my time with lovely animal friends. I live near bellevue so I go to the park by the lake very often or in the forest mountain near by. My appartment have a big livingroom and kitchen area. My two flatmates adore animals too. In fact, sometimes we babysit a cat for weeks an...

Ic h bin Michelle 18 Jahre alt undhabe selber eine Hund Zuhause. Seit ich klein bin Passe ich schon auf meinen hund auf. Imomment gehe ich einmal in der woche mit meinem hund in die hunde schule füher hatte ich auch schon den welpenkurs gemacht also haben ich schon echt seher viel erffahrung. In der Freizeit oder wenn sie in der ferien ist passe ich auch gerne auf die katzen meiner kolegin auf. Ich bin eine Humorvolle person und liebevoll zu allen tieren.

Hello, I’m interested in this job position. I have a good treat with animals as I come from a fairly large family where there have always been furry pets around. I’m originally from Perú but i have been living in spain my whole life, which I think is beneficial for the child to normalize languages such as english and spanish since these ages the absorb a great deal of what they hear and listen to. I think I could contribute quite a bit. Best regards!

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