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Promenade, visite, famille d'accueil, pension canine dans le 112 Bezirk Zürich

Bezirk Zürich, principales villes :

Garde d'animaux Zürich
Viviane, promenade chien Zürich

I would like to work here for to know more about the customs and culture. I married with the Swiss man recently and my big intention is to learn things about Switzerland:)
Francesca, pension chien - 8022 Zürich

My name is Francesca I am 26 years old and I absolutely love animals. I own a 5 year old dog and I grew up with a cat, a hamster and two gold fish. I have some dog-sitting and cat-sitting experience, I am familiar with a couple vets in ...
Roberto, promenade chien Zürich 8048

Dear animal Lovers, do you need a person that keeps fit physically and mentally your beloved creatures? You know that boredom and lack of movement can quickly lead to unwanted behaviors and pathologies, such as d...
Carolina, promenade chien Zürich

Hello! I´m Carolina and I come from Argentina, i have 29 years old and I love animals. I always had dogs in Argentina, and here it´s very difficult to me have my own pet because a live in a departament. I can walk with your pet if you ...
Estefania, promenade chien Zürich 8001

I love dogs! In Mexico I have had the oppotunity to have a beutiful dog she's name is Brandy, she is coker Spaniel, medium type and we always have fun in the park, climbing mountains and so on. Please give me the opportunity to hav...
Kimberly, promeneur chien Zürich

Hello, my name is Kimberly and I am 23 years old. In my family we have always had pets and that is why I have a lot of experience with them. My favorite animal is the cat, I am in love with them. I have had and cared for dogs, cats, ha...
Jose Alberto, promeneur chien Zürich

Hi everyone, Im Jose, and I'm living in Enge. I have experience with differents animals because I love them and I share all my live with pets since I was a baby until now. If you want contact with me you can call me also you can write ...
Ilaria, promeneur chien - 8064 Zürich

Hi, i am Ilaria, a 25 years old girl from north Italy, i speak italian, english and i'm learning german. I am in Zurich since three monts and i'm looking for a little job. I propose myself to take care of animals because i love them; a...
Cressida, famille accueil chien Zürich 8052

Hi there! I'm Cressida, 25y.o., looking for odd jobs before and during my studies 😁 I'm a biologist who loves animals, and I grew up with cats, guinea-pigs, gerbils, chinchillas around the house. I have experience keeping/walking my fri...
Enrico, promeneur chien Zürich 8051

Ich habe mich lange um mein Hündchen gekümmert. Der liebe Tommy ist aber seit einigen Jahren gestorben, und ich würde sehr gerne wieder mit Haustiere arbeiten!
Andrea, pension chien Zürich 8050

Buenos días familias mi nombre es Andrea y toda la vida he tenido animales, me encantan. Puedo cuidarlos cuando necesiten. Soy muy cariñosa y divertida. Un saludo. Gracias (Zúrich)
Aurora, promenade chien Zürich 8000

Hello, i always have a lot of dogs. Non i’ve got a staffordshire, i had a boxer and a french bulldog
Shilpa, pension chien Zürich 8008

I am a dog lover and can understand their moods , I feel happy to get involved with them and cuddle them
Elchje, pension chien - 8005 Zürich

Hello, I’m Elchje, a 29 year old social worker from Belgium who just moved to Zurich. I’m very interested in finding a job as a petsitter. The last 5 years I’ve been working as a social worker with kids and teenagers with autism and...
Mariah, promeneur chien - 8050 Zürich

My mother always had a passion for fostering and adopting dogs and cats from all backgrounds. I am familiar with very sweet and nice animals, but also very aggressive animals. I am comfortable with all kinds!