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Bezirk Horgen 106, cours de langue, d'anglais, espagnol, allemand, etc

Bezirk Horgen, principales villes :

Professeur de langue Horgen
Professeur de langue Adliswil
Professeur de langue Thalwil
Professeur de langue Wädenswil
Professeur de langue Richterswil
Professeur de langue Langnau am Albis
Professeur de langue Kilchberg ZH
Professeur de langue Rüschlikon
Professeur de langue Oberrieden
Professeur de langue Gattikon
Asma, professeur langues Langnau am albis

Bonjour je suis une femme qui parle 3langues différente je suis nouvelle sur zurich et cela me donne une grosse motivation de connaître le lieu la culture et rencontrer les gens dici tout en donnant des cours de soutien en les trois lang...
Evelina, cours particulier italien Richterswil

Hello, I am a young girl of Italian mother tongue. I have studied Italian grammar in depth, because I am fascinated by languages. I also won a prize at a writing contest in Italian. I live in the canton of Zurich, and I am ava...
Angela, prof particulier langues Adliswil

CIAO! Sono Angela! Ho 24 anni e sono italiana. Il 29 Ottobre ho conseguito una laurea in comunicazione interculturale con specializzazione in lingua cinese. Sono una persona molto attenta e curiosa e mi piace molto imparare dalle esperie...
Camille, cours particulier langues - 8134 Adliswil

I am a french girl coming to Montreal for 4 months on an exchange with my home university in Madrid.I am trilingual French, English and Spanish. I am 20 years old and have a lot of experience with children helping them with homework and ...
Victoria, professeur langues Adliswil

I have experience tutoring children from the age of 4 to 13. Subject include: English, Spanish, Reading, Writing, Math.
Claudia, cours particulier langues Wädenswil

Vuoi imparare le lingue con un metodo divertente, dinamico e, finalmente, efficace? Stanco dei soliti esercizi di grammatica? Hai difficoltà a parlare fluentemente? Allora sono il docente che fa al caso tuo! Insegno le lingue stranie...
Sharon, cours langues - 8803 Rüschlikon

Ciao, ho letto il suo annuncio di lavoro e sono interessata. Mi chiamo Sharon, ho 23 anni e sono Italiana. Vivo di recente a Thalwil. Non parlo tedesco ma lo sto imparando. Parlo italiano, inglese e spagnolo. Ho una laurea in Scienze de...
Andrea, prof particulier langues Adliswil 8134

Mein name ist andrea bin 36 jahre alr aus adliswil. Mein vater war lehrer. Ich selber habe nach hilfe in englisch französisch und mathe gegeben bin selber noch ski und tennis lehrerin an kinder. Bin flexibel zuverlässig und pünktlich a...
Roxanne, cours particulier espagnol Comunidad Valenciana

Hello to all, Im a newlywed moved to Zurich recently after finishing my master in Milano. Landscape designer pet lover. If I can be of assistance to anyone who wants to learn Spanish Ill be happy to help. Im interested in working arou...
Ylenia, professeur particulier italien Thalwil

Hallo, mein Name ist Ylenia und ich bin italienischer Herkunft. Ich habe einen Abschluss in Architektur (in Italien) und einen Master in Didaktik, den ich in Rumänien erworben habe. Ich halte mich für einen äußerst professionellen und ...
Scardicchio, cours italien   Zurigo

ono una ragazza italiana, avvocato ed impartisco lezioni di italiano
Pilar, prof langues - 8800 Thalwil

Living in Zurich since one year ago and with Swiss B Permit, I can help you in any need you have in Spanish language. Does not matter your level, with me you can pass all your official exams. Also if you have English problems , I wi...
Grazia, professeur particulier langues Adliswil

Laurea in Lingue a Pisa. Sono italiana. Saluti, Grazia
Daniela, professeur particulier langues Adliswil 8134

I'm Daniela, I'm 20 , I'm from Italy . As I was born in Italy my Italian I'm a mother tongue, and as for English I've got a Trinity certificate of B2.3 and I've been helping kids since I was 14. Feel free to contact me whenever you wan...
Odette, cours langues - 8810 Horgen

Guten Tag Ich heisse Odette und ich kann beide Aks muttersprache English und mittle Deutsch lernen. Freundliche Grüsse