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Promenade, visite, famille d'accueil, pension canine dans le 316 Entlebuch

Entlebuch, principales villes :

Garde d'animaux Schüpfheim
Garde d'animaux Entlebuch
Garde d'animaux Escholzmatt
Garde d'animaux Flühli
Garde d'animaux Werthenstein
Garde d'animaux Hasle
Garde d'animaux Schachen
Garde d'animaux Doppleschwand
Garde d'animaux Romoos
Garde d'animaux Rengg
Valentina, promenade chien Bramboden

Hi! My name is Valentina, I’m 22 years old and I live in Entlebuch. I’m sorry!! I don’t speak German I am still learning at the Benedict Schule in Luzern. I can take care of your pet whenever you need, I have experiences with dogs and...
Milja, pension chien - 6182 Escholzmatt

I've been raised since a baby with animals around me. Specially dogs, I've always had dogs. So I understand a lot about dogs and their behavior and always feel really comfortable around them. I know what they need (in case any special ne...

Hallo ich heisse Tamara bin 24 Jahre alt. Wir haben 2 Hunde, 1 Chihuahua 12 Jahre und 1 Labrador 18 Monate und 1 Ratte ca. 6 Monate. Wir haben eine 3, 5 Zimmer Wohnung und einen Garten.