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Les meilleurs professeur et cours particulier du 112 - Bezirk Zürich

Bezirk Zürich, principales villes :

Cours particulier Zürich
Elena, prof danse Zürich

I am a contemporary dancer in training at ZHdK. I started my education with ballet and then I discovered contemporary when I grew up. I offer classes for all kinds of levels in dance.
Debora, professeur - 8000 Zürich

Graphic Design, Photography, Motion Graphic, Web Designm Adobe Premiere Pro + CV creation.
Gabriella Maria, professeur particulier Zürich

I am a professional designer and a professional Argentine Tango teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience. I lived in Uk for many years and I am a qualified English teacher (CELTA) qualifications. I can teach many differen...
Monique, cours particulier danse - 8032 Zürich

I am Swiss Française and live between Zurich and Buenos Aires. Give Tango and Dance classes in Buenos Aires and very pasión it doing so. Speak French German English Spanish very fluently. The lessons are at your place.