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Michelle, professeur de langues - 1269 Bassins

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My name is Michelle and I'm 28 years old. I have extensive experience with children and childcare and I currently work as an aupair for a wonderful family in Bassins, they have two super energetic and funny as ever little boys aged 4 and 6 and we spend most of our days together, we craft, play and I cook for them almost everyday. I’m so in love with them. Besides that I have also worked as an after-school counselor for the YMCA in Houston as well as a daycare worker in Houston as well.

A bit about me ... I moved from the US last August where I was working as a paralegal ( crazy change... trust me I know ) I enjoyed my job and life but always felt like something was missing. After some careful thought and mostly following my heart I decided to quit my job as a paralegal become an aupair and move to Switzerland. Best decision I’ve ever made!!

I grew up in Honduras to a Swiss mom and a Honduran dad and my upbringing was amazing and a bit wild as my brother and myself were always outside exploring the never ending jungle that is my country, all of this to say that I have a lot of energy, love and patience to give.

Hence what brings us to why I’m applying here. I would like to work in a place that is fun and where I can give a bit of myself, my culture and enrich not only children’s life but adults as well. I realize the point of this application was not to tell you my life’s story ahaha but I did want you to get a an honest feel of who I-am.

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28 ans
Michelle, professeur langues - 1269 Bassins


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